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This is for parents who are due right before, after and during February 2012! Anyone is welcome, whether this be your first baby or your sixteenth, you are partnered or going it alone, young or old. We also welcome people with borderline January and March EDDs as well.

We are here to offer support, share pictures and stories, rants, or anything baby related. Our weekly posts of fun include a Monday weekly recap, Wednesday picture post and Friday Five questions. We ask you to please put responses to these either in the comments to the original post, or behind cuts.

Community Guidelines:

1. Fill out the intro survey when you join, also go to this post to add your due date/name/#baby and update info

2. Put images behind a LJ-cut.
3. Please friends-lock your entries -- especially those with baby pictures, for your own safety!
4. Please post and comment frequently and with empathy -- play nice!

Note: To do a lj-cut, you need to type the following, (but removing the space after the first < so it will work!)

< lj-cut text="cut title here">

Put the pictures after that, then end the cut with:
< /lj-cut>

Much of this page was adapted with gratitude from the profile pages of other birth communities, especially july2011 and september2011.

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